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The Quest: Realm of Rebels

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realm of rebels

“The Forgotten Realms…the Realm of Rebels…are…are they real?”

Sebastian has had only one wish his entire life: to travel to the Realm of Rebels and become a hero.

After years of hearing that the tales of old were just children’s tales, he embarks on a journey into the Forgotten Realms, hoping beyond hope that the tales are true.

He quickly finds he is in over his head in this magnificent world filled with dragons, sea beasts, mermaids, and more. As he chases his dream, he is faced with a decision: risk it all to save someone he has never even met or go home. Can he make his dream come true?

Visit this marvelous world of fantasy in The Quest: Realm of Rebels. Crunchy Tubie Mama and Shelby King bring yet another spectacular, page-turning adventure that will keep you in suspense through each of its many twists and turns.

Join Sebastian as he learns what it means to be a hero.

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Chapter 1: The Great Bell



Chapter 2: The Dragon



Chapter 3: The Meadow Fairies



Chapter 4: Lord Drake



Chapter 5: The Path



Chapter 6: The Realm of Rebels



Chapter 7: Restoration



Chapter 8: Mount Shadow



Chapter 9: The Return Home