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The Quest: Realm of Rebels

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A dark forest, long forgotten. Tales of a magical realm. Only one boy believes the legends are true. How far is he willing and able to go?

Sebastian has had only one wish his entire life: to find the realm of rebels mockupRealm of Rebels and become a hero. After happening upon an ancient stone that speaks of this realm, he leaves his home to enter a mystical land, determined to discover the truth.

As he travels, he falls into another world where the Meadow Fairies have been hiding from an evil queen and a terrifying dragon. He quickly realizes he is in over his head in this magnificent world filled with dragons, sea beasts, mermaids, and more. He is then faced with a decision. He must rescue the queen of the Meadow Fairies from the Lair of Dragons or return home a failure. Can someone so small defeat such a gigantic beast?

Girl scared readingThe Quest: Realm of Rebels is an exciting, middle grade fantasy. If you like spectacular worlds, heroic adventures, and fierce battles, then you’ll love Crunchy Tubie Mama and Shelby King’s gripping journey.

Join Sebastian as he learns what it means to be a hero.

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